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Singer and storyteller. No matter the method of delivery, be it a song, a book, an event, or a simple conversation, Shelley tells it with intention - with passion. Energizing the creative process and inspiring audiences with every performance. If you seek professionalism, success for all involved, easy collaboration and great ideas for delivering outstanding vocals every time, Shelley should be your next call. 

Shelley started singing solo and with groups at the age of six in church. She moved on to perform with the NC State University Choir, Jazz Ensemble and Chamber Singers while in college. Most recently, she toured along the east coast with country band 'Huckleberry Blue' as singer, promotions, marketing, bookings & business manager for the group. Shelley has performed chart-topping country, traditional country, pop, dance, beach, blues and classic rock tunes. Shelley performed as 'Faith Hill' in a Tim McGraw & Faith Hill tribute band along the east coast & central US.


Driven to succeed in whatever she touches, Shelley found endless opportunities to learn and grow, in life and work, owning and operating her successful branding and marketing firm headquartered in Raleigh, NC for more than 20 years. Her skills in management, marketing, finance, design, branding, coaching and strategy combined with her authentic & pure voice make Shelley a unique resource available to the music industry today. 

Shelley has been recognized regionally & globally for her business & marketing successes, including "Top 40 Business People Under 40" (when she was 35 years old), "Top Women in Business in the Triangle," "Small Business Owner of the Year" among dozens of others. While Shelley is extremely grateful for these accolades, there is one thing that drives her today with more passion than the rest, and that is singing. Pop country is her core genre and her roots. Equally impressive is her ability to deliver solid blues, beach, classic rock, pop & gospel vocals. 


Today, Shelley makes available her business and vocal talents to producers, song writers, music directors & artists in the industry who want to work with a female vocalist who is dependable, professional, independent & easy to work with. She is available for auditions, session vocals, live lead and backing vocals & remote vocal recordings. 

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